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Ultragaff (Bicycle)
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Ultragaff (Bicycle)

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888-0300Ultragaff (Bicycle)RM  40.00
Weight: 150 grams
Stock: Stock available
888-0300 8Ultragaff (Bicycle) 4pcsRM  150.00
Weight: 1 kg, 200 grams
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Designed to be used with the UltraGaff Training DVD's, Wayne and Daniel walk you through their creative process and teach you the effects that they've been able to devise. We highly recommends you picking up all 3 Training DVD volumes to get 'ultra-trained'.


52 playing cards imagined from the minds of

Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia. Their

goal, to build miracles that haven't seen

the light of day. You've never held in your

hands gaffed playing cards of this quality.

But what is a 'gaffed' deck, you ask?

Simply, these are cards that fit quietly

with your normal red Bicycle deck that

allow you to perform miracles you could

never otherwise do.


 Ultragaff DVD's (3 Volumes)


  • Each card was designed with a unique trick in mind
  • Slow, clear break-downs of each UltraGaff card, tips, and tricks
  • 52 cleverly designed concepts ranging from WOW to WHAT THE ?
  • Top-quality casino grade USPC stock with the Bicycle brand
  • A card workers arsenal of tools with endless possibilities

This deck is designed to be used with

the UltraGaff DVD's.

The training provided in the 3-DVD

'Ultra-Compilation' gives you the chance to put each card to the fullest test. You

can do the exact tricks that Daniel

Garcia and Wayne Houchin designed for