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Xtreme Beginnerz (2 DVDs) Vol 1

Xtreme Beginnerz (2 DVDs) Vol 1

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With a normal amount of practice this DVD Set will make you look like a complete pro with cards.
The enormous, Power-packed Xtreme Beginnerz DVD Set receives Ellusionist's ultimate approval for fast learning. You will learn like NEVER before.


  • Raging clarity, multiple angles, effective, easy-to-follow instruction.
  • Slow, clear break-downs by pinnacle of the field MASTERS.
  • Amazing one hour long FANNING WORKSHOP by Jerry Cestkowski, author of Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes.
  • Written, directed, and produced by underground XCM legend De'vo vom Schattenreich.
  • Also starring “Q”, the beginner pulled off the street, who learns the material over a period of four weeks. This section alone is so entertaining it’s worth the cost of the DVD's.

    Xtreme Beginnerz (2 DVDs Set) Vol 2

TAUGHT BY TOP OF THE FIELD MASTERS OF THE ART, FOR BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE LEARNERSFeaturing a host of world renowned masters of the art of xtreme card manipulation (XCM), the package contains an inferno of content, wrapped in broadcast quality footage and produced by Ulmen Master De'vo vom Schattenreich. The super-packed DVD set also features superstars Greg Irwin, Daryl, and Jeff McBride and stars De'vo himself, and Jerry Cestkowski (author of Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes).