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Mercuring - Trick

Mercuring - Trick

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The penetration looks CRAZY and the re-set is automatic! Whether you work the street or the tables, this one's for you! The wonder-worker introduces a finger ring. Claiming it's made from "stabilized mercury" the performer hands out the ring for examination. A moment later, the magician flicks the ring spinning into the air and then impossibly catches it on the very TIP of his finger! The ring is then slowly slipped onto the performer's third finger. The spectators are asked to watch very closely. Without a single suspicious move, the mysterious ring is seen to MELT RIGHT THROUGH the base of the third finger and onto the base of the pinky! And again the ring can be examined. Finally, the ring is slipped onto a SPECTATOR'S finger! For maximum security, the spectator tightly holds the tip of his/her finger, but a second later the magician pulls the ring right through the finger!

Each MERCURING is hand-machined and polished for a lifetime of professional use. The beautiful ring can be examined before and after the impossible penetration. The package contains the ingenious special equipment and an amazing instructional dvd featuring both the classic handings plus BRAND NEW HANDLINGS and BONUS MATERIAL!




The instructional dvd includes the "Impossible Penetration," the "To the Point" handling as well as all the details on passing the ring through the SPECTATOR'S own finger! The exciting bonus material includes an incredible "Two Finger Penetration" and a "Vanish and Appearance" Jay's been doing for years!